Loknath Das August 10, 2017 Budgeting

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Time is running out for families, or parents who may need a popular program to help with Christmas gifts this year.

Several years ago, the Salvation Army instituted budgeting classes for those who need the “Angel Tree” program to help with Christmas toys.

The purpose of the two hour budgeting class is to teach personal finance and budgeting basics to those who need “Angel Tree” or any financial assistance from the ministry.

So far this year, only 58 people have taken the budgeting class.   The deadline is August 23rd.

Salvation Army officials say it’s just a way to teach sound financial management skills.

“We’re just a safety net, everyone has an emergency from time to time, we don’t want to be something they count on year, after year, after year, we want to help them learn new habits and things so they can better themselves,” said Susan Gilbert, of the Tupelo Salvation Army.

For information on the budgeting class, call the Tupelo Salvation Army at 662 842 9222.

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