TSB customers to use iris scanning to login to online banking – but is it safe? – Money Perception

Loknath Das July 21, 2017 Banking

TSB is to become the first bank in Europe to introduce iris recognition on its mobile banking to make it easier for customers to log on.

From September, customers with a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphone will be able to unlock their banking app using the Samsung Pass iris scanner. It is a move away from lengthy personal IDs and passwords typically required to access online banking.

Once a customer has registered their iris (by holding the phone up to their face for a couple of seconds until it detects them), they will be able to log into their online banking simply by looking at their phone screen.

Biometric authentication is not entirely immune to potential attack and therefore should not be relied on as the sole means of verifying a userRichard Parris, CEO of Intercede

Iris scanning is thought to be the most secure form of biometric authentication, with 266 unique characteristics compared with just 40 for fingerprints. HSBC and Barclays are among the banks that currently offer fingerprint touch ID for customers to login to online banking.

Samsung added iris scanning to the biometric security options, alongside face recognition and fingerprint scanning, when its S8 and S8+ phones went on sale in April.

Carlos Abarca, TSB’s chief information officer, said that iris recognition”when combined with our other security measures” offers “an unparalleled level of cyber security”.

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