Therap’s Personal Finance Records Tracks Day-to-Day Transactions and Reporting

Therap’s Personal Finance tool allows providers and community support staff to track routine expenses and income sources, manage personal funds and record day-to-day transactions.  Point-of-service staff or system users can attach receipts to transaction records while central office Finance staff can run reports to identify gaps in the data or missing documentation, rather than identifying a missing receipt or expense weeks or months after the fact.  With geo-location, secure photos and timestamped check-in for activities, auditors have tools to verify events took place through supported documentation, and add notes to an expense entry in the event of a missing receipt.  The Personal Finance tool gives staff flexibility to report expenses from the field, and features reporting functionality that keeps Finance department in the loop regarding personal and personal and incidental expenses.

Therap’s solution for tracking expenses and funds enables user definition and configuration of different account types. Therap users record details of deposits and expenses including information like transaction category, date, amount, check/receipt numbers.  Users can also attach scanned or digital copies of transaction receipts or statements.  Periodic transaction reports are generated using a wide range of parameters, including transaction period, types of transaction i.e. deposits/expenses, account type, account status, etc.  The Finance team can generate agencywide reports to spot trends or categorize expenses, or run full reports on selected individuals.

About Therap

Therap’s HIPAA, FERPAARRA and HITECH compliant Developmental Disabilities software applications are widely used in home and community-based services (HCBS) and other ID/DD provider settings for documentation, communication and reporting. The web-based system by Therap provides person centered planning and assists with case managementand eligibility assessments for support providers and state organizations working with developmental disabilities. Secure applications offered by Therap include individual support modules such as incident reportsmedication administration records (MAR)behavior trackingcase management, individual service plans and goal trackinghealth recordssupported employment notes, nursing notes and progress notes among others. Therap also offers staff support for employee training management by certified trainers, individual budgeting and work scheduling as well as billing solutions including service authorizationsattendance and Medicaid claim tracking modules.