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Samsung has halted the production and global sales of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and asked users to stop using it after reports came in of replacement units catching fire. Samsung may have been clear with its communications to consumers but the South Korean company isn’t taking any chances of misinformation being spread. According to a media report, Samsung has been pushing a pop-up message to select Galaxy S7 units in an attempt to reassure users that their phones aren’t affected and aren’t being recalled.

TechnoBuffalo’s Todd Haselton reports that some Samsung Galaxy S7 users are receiving a push message from the company that reads, “Your Galaxy S7 is not an affected device.” It also says, “The Galaxy S7 is not subject to recall. You can continue to use your device normally.” At the moment it isn’t clear whether Samsung is sending push messages to just Galaxy S7 users in the US only or outside the country as well.

One of the possible reasons for Samsung to send push messages is the Galaxy Note 7 recall and the company clearly wants to differentiate the two premium units. Another reason may be the use of number “seven” on both the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 which may confuse some consumers. Unfortunately, there is no word whether Samsung is pushing such messages to Galaxy S7 Edge users as well which was unveiled alongside Galaxy S7 earlier this year.

A recent report claims that Samsung after discontinuing Galaxy Note 7 smartphones may kill its Note branding entirely. The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has caused major brand image damage to the company’s Note lineup, and it is quite plausible Samsung will kill the entire Note phablet range after all.

Amidst the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 controversy, a report last month alleged that a Galaxy S7 Edge exploded inside the pocket of an Ohio resident.


Apple is known to remain discreet on specification details in every iPhone keynote, and this year is no different. The company does not unveil RAM and battery size, and teardowns done later reveal the exact innards. After the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 7 has also been ripped apart by do-it-yourself repair site iFixit to see if Apple delivers on its promises.

The teardown reveals that there is a 1960mAh battery housed inside the iPhone 7, which is a significant upgrade to the 1715mAh one found on the iPhone 6s. It is rated for a capacity of 7.45 Wh-a notable increase from the 6.55 Wh battery in last year’s model. According to Apple, the battery will provide up to 14 hours of 3G talk time, 14 hours of Wi-Fi internet browsing, and 10 days of standby. Also, iFixit cheekily adds that it doesn’t explode.

It shows that the iPhone 7 is indeed powered by the A10 Fusion APL1W24 SoC paired alongside Samsung-made 2GB module of LPDDR4 RAM. Also on board is the Qualcomm MDM9645M LTE Cat. 12 Modem – a finding that contradicts Chipworks’ teardown, hinting there might be more than variant of the smartphone. The place where the 3.5mm audio jack used to be, is now replaced by a piece of plastic sitting behind the ingress protection. This plastic sheet was also seen on the larger variant, and according to a statement by Apple to The Verge, it is a ‘barometric vent’ enabling the iPhone 7 to measure altitude more accurately. Because of the absence of the audio jack, there’s also more space for the Taptic engine to serve home button more efficiently.

The entire rundown confirms that Apple has gone to lengths to make the iPhone 7 waterproof (even the SIM tray has a rubber gasket). Display repairability is eased as the smartphone opens like a book now, exposing the screen’s innards first. iFixit also notes that damage to the phone is greatly reduced because of the water and dust proofing, but repairability also becomes a tad bit more difficult because of the ingress protection everywhere. In any case, the company gave the iPhone 7 a repairability score of 7 out of 10, just like the larger variant. Interestingly, the predecessor iPhone 6s also got the same score from iFixit last year.


Intel announced Project Euclid, at its Intel Developers Forum last month, based on company’s RealSense perceptual computing platform. With this announcement the company made it clear that it is serious about the concept of computer vision. Now, the company has gone ahead further and announced that it is going to acquire computer vision chipmaker Movidius.

Movidius as a chipmaker is not an unknown entity in the industry as it is already working with companies such as Google, DJI, FLIR, and Lenovo to provide its vision technology to various electronic devices such as drones, security cameras, AR/VR headsets etc.

Movidius, interestingly, provided the computer vision chips used in the first generation of Google Project Tango devices, including the first commercial Tango product, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. Its hardware helps map surroundings using 3D tools like cameras and sensors. The company also provided chips for the collision avoidance system on the DJI Phantom 4.

In a note regarding the acquisition, Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane said that the company will remain focused on its objective to provide vision to machines but will now have the resources to innovate faster and execute at scale.
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“With Movidius, Intel gains low-power, high-performance SoC platforms for accelerating computer vision applications. Additionally, this acquisition brings algorithms tuned for deep learning, depth processing, navigation and mapping, and natural interactions, as well as broad expertise in embedded computer vision and machine intelligence. Movidius’ technology optimizes, enhances and brings RealSense capabilities to fruition,” Intel’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of the New Technology Group Josh Walden said in his editorial.

Walden further said that specifically, the company will look to deploy the technology across its “efforts in augmented, virtual and merged reality (AR/VR/MR), drones, robotics, digital security cameras and beyond.”

“Computer vision will trigger a Cambrian explosion of compute, with Intel at the forefront of this new wave of computing, enabled by RealSense in conjunction with Movidius and our full suite of perceptual computing technologies,” Walden added.

A spokesperson from Intel has told The Verge that all of the 180 employees at Movidius will be “integrated” into Intel’s Perceptual Computing group.


Samsung revealed its promising new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) cards last week in a bid to propel removable storage innovation. The cards built off UFS 1.0 standard are supposed to five times faster than the current generation microSD cards, creating a new standard in the industry. However, the new UFS cards would not fit into the slots currently available on all devices today, giving rise to a pertinent adoption problem. In order to fix this hurdle, Samsung claims that it has built a card slot that would be support both microSD and UFS cards.

According to the tech giant, it has teamed up with several manufacturers to embed next-generation devices with these sockets, in order to begin mass adoption of UFS cards. This socket will give users the freedom to keep using the widely available microSD cards on their smartphones, or opt for the new faster UFS card if they preferred.

“The new UFS cards are not compatible with the current microSD card socket. However, we have developed a socket design that can support both UFS cards and microSD cards. We are working with different partners in the industry on this integration for next-generation devices,” the company told Droid Life.

UFS cards, with their speed efficiency, look like a promising update to removable storage in the future. They offer more than five times read speed (530MB/s) and almost twice the writing performance (170MB/s) of today’s microSD cards. The UFS cards will be available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants. The company claims that it is ideally suited for high-res devices like VR cameras, action cams, or even DSLRs.

There is no clarity on which device will be the first to sport this new UFS-compatible slot. However, Samsung would presumably show it off on one of its own devices first. Perhaps the Galaxy Note 7?


Google on Wednesday announced a deal to buy Moodstocks, a French startup behind technology that helps smartphones recognize whatever they are aimed at.

Moodstocks caught the US technology giant’s eye for its work in computer vision and machine learning, as well for accomplishments in enabling smartphones or other mobile devices to recognize images and objects.

Google is among Silicon Valley titans investing in ways to get computers to see and understand the world around them the way people do.

Machine learning has been woven into an array of Google offerings, such as its free language translation and photo services.

“There’s a lot more to be done to improve machine vision,” Google France tech site lead Vincent Simonet said in a blog post.

“That’s where Moodstocks comes in.”

The Moodstocks team, described as a small group of researchers and engineers, will join a Google research and development center in Paris, according to Simonet.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Google and its parent Alphabet are expected to integrate the image search team in artificial intelligence efforts.

At its annual developers conference in May, Google unveiled a virtual home assistant device that will challenge Amazon Echo.

Google Home, about the size of a stout vase, will hit the market later this year and will incorporate new virtual assistant software.

When Home hits, it will challenge Amazon Echo voice-controlled assistants that have proven to be a hit since the Seattle-based online retail colossus unveiled them two years ago.

Many Internet companies are exploring the promise of artificial intelligence – for example, smartphone applications that can learn a user’s habits and anticipate searches and requests.

Microsoft, Apple, and Google have each created their own virtual assistants for users.


Alicia Keys has her fanatics lock their smartphones in a grey, rubbery pouch for the duration of her indicates. To open it, you have to step out of doors and tap it on a metallic fob. Dave Chappelle, the Lumineers, Louis C.K. and even the newly reunited Guns N’ Roses do the identical.

Adele, alternatively, is a bit more … Err … Vocal approximately her feelings. The singer stopped her Might also 29 live performance in Verona, Italy, to invite a fan to Forestall filming her show. Paradoxically, some other fan caught Adele’s request on Camera – possibly by way of The usage of a telephone.

Way to a patent granted to Apple on Tuesday by the united states Patent and Trademark Workplace, those measures Might also soon be needless.

Put in reality, this patent is for – among different matters – generation That might doubtlessly allow song venues to disable a smartphone’s Digital camera.

The generation itself is pretty sincere. Apple could construct infrared sensors into the Digicam on its smartphones, which could be able to pick out up alerts broadcast by means of strategically located infrared emitters.

That is the equal actual technology this is to your old tv remote – while you decide to turn from a 3-hitter to “Sleepless in Seattle,” you factor the remote on the television and click. That transmits an infrared signal to the television, that is prepared with a receiver. It strategies the records and – increase! – Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan seem on screen.

As you realize, although, if you point the faraway on the neighbor’s house instead of the television, not anything takes place. The ones infrared alerts require an immediate line of sight, that’s what makes it ideal for this form of software.

All a venue would should do is broadcast infrared indicators from its degree that teach the iPhone, iPad, iWhateverComesNext (or other phone or tablet) to turn off, and voila! Adele may not need to Stop singing approximately her exes to lecture fanatics for filming the show.

And do not worry – the patent is not best about stopping Apple customers from doing matters. A transmitter may also be used to heighten sure studies, which includes retail buying or museum browsing.

As outlined within the patent, a transmitter could be placed near museum reveals and programmed to ship facts about said exhibit for your Smartphone. It would work much like the way QR codes do now – factor your Telephone on the exhibit and data approximately it pops up to your screen – but with out requiring customers to line up their cameras exactly with the code, that means extra humans could receive the facts simultaneously.

The same could be completed with shopping. Just intention the Phone at, for instance, a automobile in a supplier’s showroom and discover how tons it costs, what comes popular in it, and so forth.

All of this comes with an large caveat, even though: There may be a excellent risk this technology will never make it onto our telephones. (Sorry, Adele!) As Apple Insider mentioned, Apple holds heaps of patents. The organization changed into presented 2,003 in 2014 alone. And as Stressed out and Tech Insider each reported, massive companies generally tend to use for vast swaths of patents Just to have them, however maximum in no way become getting used.

As within reason normal, Apple hasn’t commented on whether or not it plans to absolutely construct the era outlined within the patent, but performers can relaxation a bit bit less complicated knowing it Just would possibly.

there may be nothing greater inconvenient than whilst you’re at Kentucky Fried bird, approximately to dig into a pile of greasy, crispy fowl tenders whilst you text your overwhelm to make date plans, and your telephone runs out of strength – leaving you completely by myself with not anything more than your meal.

happily, KFC in India is so attuned to their clients’ wishes that they’ve crafted a special solution for this very trouble: a meal box that comes with a pre-charged USB plug.

yes, you read that efficaciously. in case you are planning to visit a neighborhood KFC there and order a field of hen, you doubtlessly don’t want to charge your smartphone beforehand of time due to the fact you just might be handed a chicken field on the way to include the whole lot you want to stay connected for the duration of your meal.

The “Watt-A-box” program, which the united states-based chain’s India branch released in Delhi and Mumbai, is advertising its benefits with a ridiculous commercial that addresses the date making plans interrupted by using a dead telephone situation described above.

A bill that might make it easier to restoration broken telephones, computer systems and capsules turned into killed in the the big apple kingdom legislature on Saturday when the session formally ended. opposed by means of tech giants together with Apple, Cisco and Xerox, the invoice might have forced groups to launch digital parts and design manuals to impartial repair shops. If passed, the invoice might have been a boon to restore technicians and “right-to-repair” advocates nationwide.

The new york legislature had until the stop of June to recollect the fair restore Act, however the invoice turned into squashed in committee earlier than it had a hazard to attain the ground for a vote.

Advocates for the fair restore Act argue that if huge tech companies supply repair shops access to professional manuals and digital parts for gadgets, along with the iPhone, clients could have extra cost options to restore their phones and extend a device’s life. For clients who face high priced in-house restore fees at, say, the Apple keep, shopping for an entire new tool might appear to be the extra economical version. Encouraging third-celebration restore, advocates say, enables keep telephones out of landfills and reduces e-waste.

but groups along with Apple say that retaining tight control over purchaser restore alternatives preserves the integrity of their products and offers a higher customer enjoy. Apple and different tech organizations have funded lobbying efforts against this bill.

Apple declined to touch upon the bill to The Washington post.

“there is no doubt in my thoughts that lobbying efforts performed a function,” stated big apple state Sen. Phil Boyle, R, who co-sponsored the invoice. “but I assume that as legislators find out about the issue from their elements in prefer of this invoice, even the opposition of manufacturers can be conquer. it’s a mastering curve that hasn’t gotten to the pinnacle now.”

Boyle stated he thinks that prospects for passing a similar bill inside the subsequent session are tons higher as lawmakers turn out to be greater aware of the issue.

whilst Jessa Jones discovered out her children had submerged her iPhone in her lavatory, causing a clog, she thought her smartphone turned into a lost motive. It powered on expertise did not seem to be taking a fee anymore. The Apple shop warns against water harm, which isn’t always blanketed by way of assurance.

It wasn’t until Jones started poking round on on-line forums that the mom of 4 found that the phone failed to charge due to the fact the charging chip changed into ruined. After years of tinkering with the device, Jones subsequently were given the cellphone to begin running once more.

“I did not need to abandon the smartphone just because it wouldn’t take a fee. It regarded like any such solvable hassle,” she stated.

She failed to understand that her adventure to fix a telephone could lead her to come to be one of the maximum innovative iPhone repair experts in the game, and drive her to a international of black marketplace electronics and leaked iPhone blueprints that spans the globe.

Jones is part of a group of unbiased device repair technicians who are devoted to solving and extracting data from broken telephones, pills and computer systems. those fixers can rescue telephone pictures and extend the life of the tool. yet their exercise exists in a felony grey quarter. because of Apple’s tight grip at the restore services of its merchandise, many repair technicians should rely on questionable digital pieces from factories in China, as well as re-created design guides. The tech giant forbids legit components or device blueprints from being used out of doors of their Apple Genius bars or authorized 0.33-birthday celebration shops.

And Apple isn’t always the handiest organization with these strict restore pointers. even as Jones’s vocation is perfectly felony, she is occasionally forced to make use of not-quite-valid resources.

“For a cracked iPhone, the excellent great screen that i can possibly supply i’m technically not allowed to have,” stated Jones. She dangers confiscation whenever she ships Apple elements from China, where she buys from sellers who may be sending her factory rejects, backdoor stock or shoddy fakes, relying on her good fortune, she stated. Then there are the layout guides, or schematics, which she reveals on unofficial websites and boards.

“It feels very just like we’re doing some thing wrong. It feels unsupported and illegitimate.”

A new york bill referred to as the fair repair Act might help deliver Jones the legitimacy she desires. The bill requires that hardware manufacturers make repair commands and components available to the general public. If passed through country lawmkers, the bill may want to open up unbiased get entry to to maintenance across the nation; its legality in one country would free up data and distribution float to the rest of the usa.

The effect of this proper-to-restore law would extend past independent technicians like Jones. If the bill becomes law, it could be a huge fine for the environment, slicing down on production fees and e-waste generated from disposed phones. it truly is a first-rate purpose that big apple state Sen. Phil Boyle decided to sponsor the bill, mentioning the destructive consumer cycle of purchasing new gadgets due to the fact minor maintenance are too expensive to have enough money through professional shops. these phones normally grow to be in landfills. Even recycling those devices properly relies on get admission to to Apple tool designs so that they can be without difficulty disassembled and processed.

“the producing impact of the digital quarter is massive,” stated Kyle Wiens, a repair advise and founder of iFixit, a web wiki of repair courses and digital components save. “if you’re gonna visit all of the attempt and environmental impact to make a phone, allow’s make it final for seven or 10 years. And it is okay if it’s no longer necessarily used by the primary proprietor for all that long, understanding permit’s make it so that anyone can use it.”

studies have proven that the common American continues their telephone for round 1.5 to two.five years before moving directly to a new one.

expertise ny’s proper-to-repair legislation has made little development toward passage. it’s nevertheless in its early tiers of the country’s congress and could die if it is not surpassed by way of the end of the month. files in public government filings reviewed with the aid of the Huffington post earlier this month understandingdisplay that Apple lobbied to kill the bill.

“Apple especially has been simply vocal approximately information environmentally friendly they are, expertise then, backstage, they’re subverting each viable method that human beings may want to should make their merchandise remaining longer,” said Wiens. Apple removed the iFixit app, created by means of Wiens’ restore community/enterprise, from the app keep final 12 months whilst iFixit published commands on understanding to tear down the Apple television.

Responding to questions from The Washington publish, Apple pointed to a organisation environmental document that demonstrates its e-waste efforts, together with the development of a robot that facilitates take aside and recycle Apple products. The agency additionally emphasised that it wants Apple gadgets to be repaired with authentic components and verified technical recognise-expertise preserve the integrity of the products. whilst pressed approximately Apple’s lobbying efforts to kill the invoice, Apple declined to comment.

Wiens is also worried that Apple’s procedures are quashing innovation. He makes use of Jones, the homemaker grew to become fixer guru, as an example. “She’s capable of do a good deal greater sophisticated maintenance than even Apple does,” he stated. “there’s a big quantity of innovation that kind of begins at the grass-roots community. She’s placing out on the net forums, starts tinkering, starts doing some of it on her personal. And now she’s at the vanguard of information healing.”

Jones, who now owns her very own nook restore save in her hometown of Honeoye Falls, N.Y., hosts schooling courses to train others know-how extract vacation images from a cellphone with water harm. She stated that specialists from 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5, well-hooked up statistics recovery agencies have proven up at her board restore direction to examine her techniques.

Louis Rossmann, who owns a local digital repair shop in big apple’s East Village, is some other DIY fixer who turned his bdd5b54adb3c84011c7516ef3ab47e54 right into a small brick-and-mortar commercial enterprise. Rossmann, who failed to go to college, has taught himself nearly everything that he is aware of about electronics. His day generally includes a flood of nearby new york college or New school students who have fried their computers and stressful that they might not be capable of get entry to their notes or their thesis in time.

The Apple internet site is cagey in phrases of what a fried motherboard would value to repair, pronouncing that it relies upon at the damage, but boards advocate around $750 to $1,000, not which include transport/dealing with. The value is sort of the rate of a brand new computer, and there is no guarantee that the records might be stored.

Rossmann, who has been tinkering with computer systems for nine years, is capable of restore the laptop and save the consumer’s facts for 1/2 the rate. On his YouTube channel, which mixes detailed tutorials on tool repair and motivational movies barked through a thick Staten Island accent, Rossmann advocates for proper-to-restore legal guidelines.

“assume again to a time when the lower back panel of a tv set had schematics and diagrams published on it,” he stated. “This was no longer thousands of years in the past. that is expertise society changed into, information it changed into slowly taken faraway from us piece by piece over the past decade. this is important because we are able to eventually stay in a world where the whole thing is disposable if the precedent maintains — where you do now not own a tool, you’re renting it till it breaks.”

In his films, Rossmann focuses the camera on a motherboard, walking viewers step-by using-step thru the repairs. “I trust inside the top that restore can do for society,” he stated.

Hungary exceeded legislation on Monday that can shrink the sports of Uber after months of protests through taxi drivers, following in the footsteps of other international locations that have banned a number of its trip-hailing offerings.

beneath the brand new law, the Hungarian national communications authority can block net get entry to to “unlawful dispatcher services”, in a comparable style to the manner the regulator blocked get admission to to unlawful online playing web sites within the usa.

“The invoice ambitions in part to block the net get entry to to illegal taxi, or different similar dispatcher offerings, if the authorities’ different preventive measures are ineffective,” improvement Minister Miklos Sesztak wrote inside the reasoning.

Taxi drivers in Hungary have demanded Uber be outlawed and its smartphone app blocked as they are saying its drivers breach guidelines different taxis companies should adhere to.

UberPOP, a smartphone app that hyperlinks private drivers with passengers, has precipitated taxi motive force protests across Europe and so far has been declared unlawful through courts in Italy, Spain and Germany, with appeals pending in Belgium and the Netherlands.

France suspended the low-fee service remaining 12 months after the authorities banned it below strain from licensed taxi drivers and a French court slapped a hefty high-quality on Uber last week for strolling an unlawful taxi service. A German court docket additionally upheld the ban on UberPOP remaining week.

Hungary troubles taxi firms with dispatcher service permits, allowing a dispatcher provider to transfer passenger requests to drivers below a sequence of criteria, along with a giant insurance deposit and an obligation to record information.

with out such allows it’s miles illegal to offer rides for money, and the authorities can block net-based verbal exchange that enables that, the brand new regulation says.

while conventional taxi services in Hungary also have apps for ordering cabs, Uber does not but have a dispatch permit.

“Uber will request the dispatcher permit from the Hungarian government. currently we’re preparing that administratively. that is additionally part of our regulatory compliance efforts,” Uber’s Hungarian operations director Zoltan Fekete said in a statement.

“Uber has emphasised legal compliance: our drivers took out lets in and offer legal receipts,” Fekete said.

“Uber seeks speak with selection makers within the hope that the cutting-edge previous guidelines are changed with a present day one tailor-made to new technology, targeted across the hobby of consumers,” he stated, adding that Uber has one hundred fifty,000 Hungarian users and 1,200 drivers.

the brand new Hungarian regulation, which does now not point out Uber by using name, is due to come into effect in 31 days.

Dispatcher services in breach of the rules are first fined and could then have their internet access blocked for a year. The ban can be repeated.