Shopping with coupons: Top 8 tips for superior savings – Money Perception

Whether you find a coupon in the local newspaper or a discount code on a website like Lodlois, you will be able to save money. More than 300 billion coupons are distributed each year in the US alone. In this article, we are going to give you the top tips on how to save money with couponing.

1. Find Coupons Online

While newspapers are the easiest places to find coupons, there are also lots of free coupons available online. One of the best sites to look for them is TheKrazyCouponLady. This site is very user-friendly and makes it easy to choose the coupons you like and print them. Another good source of online coupons is Groupon. You can check out the Groupon Coupons for great deals on stores such as Kohl’s and JC Penney.

2. Join the Store’s Loyalty programs

Most stores have loyalty programs which offer extra discounts. Better prices are usually offered to shoppers who join the store’s loyalty program and use their cards. These stores have deals and coupons loaded into the loyalty cards so users get a discount on certain items at checkout; the store automatically discounts the items based on the coupons that are loaded in the loyalty card.

This is a great money saving deal that you should not miss out on. You can also get some amazing deals by following the store on social media or by downloading the store’s app. Some stores such as Ralphs, offers large coupons through their Facebook page.

3. Search for Specific Coupons

If you know that you require a particular product, consider looking for those coupons. You can search for the coupons online, or you can go directly to the manufacturer’s site. For example, if you need wipes, you can go to the manufacturer’s site and then sign up for deals and specials. Most manufacturers will send you the coupons (or even product samples) in the mail.

4. Pay Attention to the Fine Print

You should not only look for the coupon’s expiration date, but also at the specific product name and size. This can at times be very confusing especially when dealing with a brand which has lots of variations on the same type of product. Another thing you need to watch out for is whether there’s any purchase limit on items one can buy with one coupon.

5. Try the Buddy System

In case you have friends who like couponing, consider getting together and swapping coupons which you do not use for some which are valuable to you. For instance, you can give your buddy your dog food coupons, and they can give you coupons for your favourite deodorant.

6. Keep Your Coupons Current

Coupons come with the expiration dates printed on them. Many coupons usually expire around the same time; normally at beginning of the month or at the middle of the month. You need to go through all of your coupons once or twice a month to make sure they are current. It is a terrible feeling when going to use your coupon at checkout and finding out that it’s already expired.

7. Match Coupons with Store Sales

When it comes to couponing, the best savings happen when you actually match your coupons with store sales or deals. You should make sure that your coupons are properly paired up with special sales of your store. You will maximize your savings by doing this. Many of the coupons you have will not expire for at least another 3 months, so try and keep them till a good deal comes along.

8. Know Your Store’s Coupon Policies

Each store has its’ own coupon policies. Some stores don’t allow double coupons, while others allow you to combine 2 (or more) deals to get twice the benefit. Therefore, it’s best to learn about the store’s policies, and then work with them so as to get the maximum benefit when using your coupons.

You will often find the policies online; if not, you can ask the store manager for a copy. When you get the hard copies of the policies, it is smart to keep them in your coupon binder so that if there’s ever a disagreement over transaction details, you can simply show whoever is checking you out the pertinent portion of that policy in question. Remember to stay up to date on the store’s policies and programs.