Retail woes continue as shoppers rely on recession-era deals and discounts News: Paying Full Price – Money Perception

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (Valley News Live): Shoppers have figured out they don’t have to pay full price for items. It’s a result of programs designed to get consumers into clothing stores and department chains during the Great Recession. So do people rely on those discounts now, or do they pay full price?

It was called the Great Recession: the housing market tanked, the stock market sunk and we just weren’t buying like we used to. Stores brought in rewards programs, coupons and deals to get us back any way they could. We got hooked on lower prices. So are shoppers still relying on those deals?

“I don’t want to pay full price so I look for stuff that’s on sale, or clearance,” said Amanda Wiener while shopping in Detroit Lakes, MN Monday.

Valley News Live asked Amanda’s friend, Stacey Gorr, does she every pay full price for anything?

“I don’t think I ever do personally. I’ll come back you know I’ll just you know watch it. How much do I love it? A question I ask myself is am I going to get a lot of use out of that one item. So yeah I rarely buy things full price,” Gorr said.

“I always like to save money but I buy things, I try to be more thoughtful about what I’m buying,” said Rodney Paseka.

Rodney Paseka was the exception Monday. He said he will buy things full price if he knows he’ll use them.

Another notch in the slow decline of big box retail: there are now more tools than ever to save some dough. Online, you have places like,, and listing daily deals and discounts. On your phone, RetailMeNot, Ibotta and Hafta Have give cash back for qualifying purchases and track deals.

And for some, outwitting the stores is a win.

“They’re addicted to sales,” offered Rodney Poseka.

Click the links for more from some websites that track deals and offer coupons.