Personal finance this week: Lessons you must learn from FIFA World Cup – Money Perception

End of the first quarter of the financial year is an important milestone for many. It is that time of the year when you have to take stock of your investments and gear up for the filing of income tax returns of the previous year. If you have been an investor in mutual funds, you must report the capital gains or losses in your income tax returns. Here is how to go about it.

Many of us must be busy watching the action in FIFA World Cup 2018. Though the action has made many remain glued to the screen, one should not forget a few lessons the game of football offers. Here are five investment lessons to learn from FIFA World Cup.  Also do not score these self-goals while handling your money matters.

Avoiding mistakes is akin to more than half the work done while managing your money. It is especially more important when you are burdened with financial responsibilities.

If you are running short of insurance, this part of the year is the best time to review your insurance portfolio. These are the times when the sales are lean and the insurer will devote more time for your queries. You may consider opting for purchase of term life insurance. Here is why you should consider buying an incremental term life insurance policy. You may also want to hire a health coach along with your health insurance policy.

End of June also coincides with the beginning of academic year of colleges. If you are looking for loans to fund your education, here are some smart tips.  You may approach the peer to peer lending platforms for funding if you are not getting loans from the traditional lenders such as NBFC and banks.

Volatile markets was the talk point of June. Small and mid cap stocks saw meltdown when Rupee was falling against American Dollar and crude oil was rising.  But this could also be the time to shop on Dalal Street. Here are some tips to find better names for your shopping list.

If you missed your vacation this year due to want to funds, start saving for your next vacation now. Here are some investment avenues you may consider to save for your next vacation.

Building a corpus is an important task when it comes to achieving the financial goals. The task is even more important if you want to take an entrepreneurial leap. Here are some money steps before you quit your job to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.