Personal finance: Monsoon brings optimism, RERA yet to pick up steam – Money Perception

Monsoon hit the Kerala coast on time infusing optimism in the air. While the nation prepares for what the monsoon and GST have in store, the Real Estate Regulation Act still grabbed a lot of attention. One month after the Act was notified, only two states have set up regulatory authority and 18 states have notified rules.  If you were waiting for immediate relief to your real estate-related problems, there appears to be a long way to go under RERA.

Despite the enthusiasm about the economy, there have been concerns over the job market not witnessing vibrancy. However, if you are one of the fresh entrants to the job market, we tell you what you should do with your salary account. The salary account is a stepping stone to the world of opportunities, but many find it difficult to save money. If you are one of those who are struggling to make some savings, here are some tips to save your first one lakh rupees.

With the help of these tips, you will surely save a good amount of money. Do not forget to invest that money. While a small, ordinary investor would have their own concerns, here are indications on what the rich are doing and some investment options in which rich investors park their money.

While investing, some of you will surely take mutual fund route. Direct plans make a lot of investment sense, but do not forget these costs associated with direct plans.

Last but the most important, we are in the month of June. Do not wait till the last day of July – file your income tax as soon as possible. Here is the list of forms to be used to file your income tax returns.