Is Open Concept or Cubicles Better?

Google has set the bar high in their push to completely get rid of the idea of barrier walls between employees. The open concept design works for some businesses and employees, but it can leave those that value privacy out in the cold. Creating a trial area of open concept design might be a wise idea before going all the way company-wide.

Open Concept Reduced Furniture Cost

As more companies strive to switch to the more open concept in a shared workspace, the need for walls and cubicles declines. Individual desks and designated work areas are changed to long tables and varied seating, providing a multi-use spot for any work purpose. Slim, portable laptops replace large, clunky desktop computers. You are liable to find workers crashed out in any area of the building trying to get work done.

The Melding of Daily Experience

The sudden boom in telecommuting opportunities and home office jobs has contributed in many ways to the current trends in open space design. Younger generations of workers have learned how to cut through noise and activity to focus and get work done by practicing in the home environment. It is becoming an increasingly desired way to conduct business in the brick-and-mortar work world.

Promoting Team Spirit and Energy

Business owners tend to see the more open concept as a way to help promote company unity and cultivate a team spirit. The hope is that shared energy and creativity will get the job done better, faster, and on time.

When Privacy Is an Issue

Not every employee is happy about losing the comfort of walls. Some individuals prefer a quiet, private area to work. Feelings that they are being watched, or having to participate in conversations can make the workday a miserable experience. You should always try and accommodate the needs of every personality type in your business.

Distractions and Productivity Problems

Allowing too much open distraction can tend to affect the productivity levels of employees. Being able to keep interactions professional and noise down to a minimum will prove beneficial to the output of work for any given day.

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