No more double coupons at Publix stores – Money Perception

Back in February when Kroger announced that it was dropping double couponing, I bet my last Twinkie that Publix would follow suit.

So now, five months later, it has happened — Publix has stopped doubling coupons systemwide, including all of its 41 Tennessee stores.

Sad face here.

Deep down, I knew it was just a matter of time, with big competitor Kroger discontinuing its doubling, and with every other Publix division having already dropped their generous coupon policy.

The Nashville area stores, along with Publix stores in the Huntsville, Knoxville and Pigeon Forge areas, were the last holdout for the doubles and this latest policy change means no more doubles at of the almost 1,200 stores.

It means that from now on, Publix will honor paper coupons at face value only, a change that will undoubtedly save the company big bucks since the match of the coupon value was paid by the grocery.

There was no official announcement of the change, apparently just some in store messaging through a  sticker at the cash registers prior to the July 5 change. (The stickers are no longer there at my neighborhood Publix but I’m told that they were in place earlier this month. )

Publix spokeswoman Brenda Reid said “we have not been flooded with emails or calls about this.”

Reid said her company believes the future seems to be in digital coupons, which have never been doubled. And she encouraged customers to get the Publix app or go to to sign up for the digital couponing.

She also said that “the weekly ads will offer more BOGOFs” to help customers save.

Back in December, Publix dropped its popular “Mystery Item” deal, where shoppers with a special coupon could get one designated item for a penny on Wednesdays — another promotion that had been played well for us cheapsters.

On the bright side, Publix is keeping its Senior Discount of 5 percent off on Wednesdays for seniors 60 and older.

I’m not sure how best to settle my Twinkie bet (which I won), but I know that Publix’s kibosh on my double couponing makes my shopping less of a pleasure.

I guess we cheapos will just have to become smarter savers on some other fronts.

Gotta stay cheap!

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