How to market your business to take profits to the next level – Money Perception

When it comes to looking after your finances, making sure your business is doing well is vital. It will not only affect your career but also make personal finances more difficult if your business revenue is not where it should be. Business can be a different type of financial puzzle, though, as you need to devote as much effort to making money as you do to looking after it. Being able to attract customers and make sales is crucial in being able to balance your company spending against any profits made.

Still one of the best ways of helping any business to boost profits is marketing. A great marketing plan will tell consumers who you are, what you do and why they should choose to spend money with you. It will also allow you to build a visible brand to hook customers, and explain what is unique about you, compared to your competitors.

But how do you put this into action to see sales go up?

Best ways to market your business for success

If you are looking for some simple, effective and often free ways to market your business, the following should help:

  • Video content – marketing has undergone a real change in recent years with the advent of digital marketing. This takes advantage of consumers’ online habits to market your services to them. One great aspect of digital marketing is sharing useful and informative video content with the world, via sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. This will showcase not only your brand to millions of potential customers but also illustrate your expertise in your sector to build trust. Marketing expert Stan Gershengoren recommends this style of marketing and is on Vimeo himself to show just how amazing it is.
  • Social media – it is reported that Facebook has over 2 billion worldwide users. The numbers around other social media giants such as Instagram and Twitter are just as impressive. Can you afford not to use these channels to market what you do to this amount of people globally? Social media is a great marketing tool as it is free, easy to use and puts you in direct contact with millions of potential customers looking for your services.
  • Flyers – although many of the most effective methods are currently found in digital marketing, some of the old-school methods still work. Getting flyers printed up and handing them out in the local area around your business premises is still a great way to become known on a personal level. In this digital age, some consumers can respond better to this more intimate marketing approach and be more likely to do business with you.
  • Content marketing – another good modern marketing tool is that of content marketing. This is ideally done by posting valuable content on your blog or website to then market through other channels, such as social media. The effect is that people see your business expertise and are made aware of a problem that you could solve for them. This will encourage more people to visit you in person or online to use your services.
  • Search ad campaigns – you may have heard of this one before and it is certainly effective at boosting profits when done properly. It sees you create targeted ads with specific keywords in for consumers to view. When they search online for any of the keywords, your ad will pop up at the top of the search engine results. Naturally, this is superb marketing and makes it more likely that people will see your ad and click on it to answer their query. Even better, you only pay when someone clicks on it, so you can control costs easily.
  • Email marketing – this is a great way to hang on to customers and ensure you get repeat business from them in the future. Sending out promotional emails (as long as they have given express consent to do so) to customers can let them know of any offers you have on and tempt them into making a purchase. This is a tremendous marketing tool and one that can really help your revenue stream expand.

Marketing is your best business friend

When you are running a business, there are always many things to do. From chasing invoices to looking after your payroll, you will always have a long list to get through. Marketing should, however, be right up there at the top, as it really is the heartbeat of your business. Being able to let people know you exist and how you can help is the main way in which you will attract more customers. Naturally, this steady stream of new and repeat business will increase your profits over time in the best way possible.