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Loknath Das July 4, 2017 Deals & Coupons

I am a self-proclaimed bargain queen. When the show Extreme Couponers came out, I was like “Psh, that’s old news”. Not saying I’m a hoarder, but I can spot a clearance sticker from a mile away. The strange thing is that my mom never really used coupons when I was growing up. It was just a habit I picked up on my own…at 8 years old.

When I found out I was having twins, my bargain-shopping wheels started turning. Diapers! Baby gear! Clothes….for TWO?! We had to save where we could and I started doing research. I found a way to save on almost everything we bought.

I launched my first blog launched when the twins were 10 months old, and my goal was to help parents save money and cook from home. Over the last seven years, my blogging has evolved, but I still love to help people save whenever I can. People see my big coupon binder at the store and ask me questions — which I love!

For baby four, I knew how to save, but things have changed in the eight years since my twins were born. Hello, technology! It’s added an extra layer of savings, but I also had to dust off my baby shopping skills a bit. This time around I’ve found so many deals that we have been able to purchase more new items instead of sticking to hand-me-downs.


Here are my tips to save hundreds.

  1. Start a registry. No matter if you’re having a shower or not, start a registry at numerous stores. I start one at any store where I feel like I’d buy a larger item. Almost every registry offers a completion bonus of at least 10 percent and they can be stacked with other markdowns. You can save quite a bit.
  2. Check your favorite stores for savings. Some stores, like Babies ‘R’ Us even offer a percentage back from all shopping you’ve done.
  3. Sign up with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members get even better deals on family purchases, including a Welcome Box with both samples and full sized items.
  4. Buy diapers frequently. Instead of buying them all at once, we start buying our diapers early on. Every shopping trip, we pick up a package or box of diapers and wipes, using sales and coupons. Check your local stores for rewards programs or apps for extra money back or off. Target’s Cartwheel is great.
  5. Try Meijer’s mPerks. If you have a Meijer store locally, they offer frequent baby rewards through their mPerks app.
  6. Look for diaper coupons. Huggies & Pampers offer coupons on their sites, plus rewards by entering codes.
  7. Sign up with your favorite brands. I have an email to use exclusively for coupons. This keeps my personal email from getting bogged down with deals, but I also don’t miss out on savings. Every time I’m on a website, I sign up for their mailing list to get exclusive coupons or deals. When I’m shopping online or heading to the store, I’ll check that email for any deals.
  8. Check your favorite formulas for savings. Formula sites, such as Enfamil and Similac offer freebies and coupons
  9. Shop for clothes out-of-season. Sometimes it’s hard to guess the size of your baby, but try to shop out-of-season as much as possible. You’ll save TONS of money. I found out I was having a boy in March, so I started buy fall/winter clothes when it went on clearance in the spring. Sizes ranged from 3-9 months. Stack clearance with coupons and you’ll get rock bottom prices. Kohl’s is a great place to start.
  10. Try Carter’s. Carter’s has amazing in-store and online coupon deals, plus a rewards program.
  11. Mom-to-mom sales. Google to find sales in your area; usually they happen seasonally. Other parents sell gently used items at (usually) great prices. Before you head to a sale, make a list and also set price points — I typically don’t spend more than $2 for a sleeper and I aim for over 50 percent savings on baby gear like high chairs or strollers. Also, ask your friends on Facebook if they’re selling any baby items.
  12. Take time to dig. Most sales have regulations about the quality of clothes sold, but make sure they don’t have any stains or holes.
  13. Shop carefully for big-ticket items. Great items to consider: baby carriers, highchairs, strollers, play mats, bouncers, monitors, holiday outfits, and books.
  14. Get extra cash off or back with apps and websites. For an extra boost of money, use apps for money back AFTER shopping. I love Ebates for online shopping, where you get a percentage back. Other favorites are ibotta and Target’s Cartwheel, plus CVS has a great coupon app to add to your rewards card.

Once you get the hang of saving money, you’ll become a pro in no time.

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