Four Tips to Coping with a Bad Review About Your Business

As a business owner, you know that running a company, or multiple companies, comes with pros and cons. Specifically, one of the most unfortunate downsides to running a business is having to cope with a bad review from a consumer that’s had a bad experience. It can be even harder to deal with if that bad review is your first-ever.

For peace of mind as a dedicated business owner, here are four tips on how you can better cope with a bad review about your business.

Think it Through—Strive to Remember the Incident

Bad experiences are usually well-documented in footage and employee stories that will back up a review claim. Do your research and think through the alleged incident. Try your best to remember what happened, ask around to see if your employees remember, and strive to get to the bottom of the matter in a timely fashion.

Contact the Reviewer Directly to Gain Further Insight and Offer a Remedy to the Problem

One of the best things you can do when cornered with a bad review is reach out to the reviewer and try to make things right. Ask for further information of the incident and gain insight into exactly what happened. It’s your job to find out what happened then offer a remedy that the customer can be happy with.

When Remedied, Ask the Reviewer to Revamp the Review to Reflect that the Problem Was Fixed to Their Satisfaction

There are functions on most review sites where reviewers can go back and add an update to their review if the matter has been handled. If you feel that you’ve done your best to smooth the problem, ask the (hopefully satisfied) reviewer to revamp their bad review on a positive note. It helps for other customers to see that you and your team set out to right wrongs.

Realize That You Can’t Please Everyone

Sometimes people are unsatisfiable, regardless of anything that your business did or didn’t do. If this is the case with the customer that left a bad review, then leave it and move on. Just bear in mind that you have a chance with each new customer to make every experience a positive one. Every business, from start-up boutiques to wealth management companies, receive bad reviews at one time or another; the trick is to handle them with polite finesse and endurance.