Finding those last minute coupons online – Money Perception

If you missed out on free shipping, you still have the chance to collect some online holiday shopping deals.

Often, there are coupons that you might not know are there.

If you’re a busy mom like Amy Fox, you are shopping for friends and extended family. “My nephew wants a V-Tech kid’s camera”. WZZM 13 Consumer Reporter Sarah Sell sat down with Amy to see what kind of deals she could find. We started at Walmart.

“So, that’s going to cost me $5.99 for shipping and that boosts the price up to $37.75.”

We decided that’s not good enough.  You can find better deals using add-ons for your computer.
My favorites include RetailReNot, Honey, Wikibuy, and Amazon Assistant.

They find coupons for you. “Oh, I got a deal of $8.99? Oh, look it took off $8.99 for me. Wow, great”, says Amy.
The add-ons also worked on a pair of pajamas for me.  They were already 40%off and free shipping.  But add on a coupon and voila, $55.22 to $44.16.”

I will say that it doesn’t always work. Especially when it’s a popular or unique gift.  Amy was looking for s specific color toy for her sister and brother-in-law and couldn’t find any deals. In fact, the pink one was priced higher. In the end, she will likely go with Amazon Prime for most of her online purchases. It often came up with the best deal.  Just remember, there is a yearly fee to continue getting those great deals.