Only condition is customers must have an FD with it

These are times of instant nirvana. Many things are done just at the click of a button or a mouse from the comfort of one’s home or office. Now, City Union Bank customers can generate a credit card online.

The Kumbakonam-headquartered bank introduced the option of an “instant credit card” for free for its Net banking customers. And, the product, which was soft-launched on Saturday, seems to have caught the fancy of its customers instantly. Bank sources told BusinessLine that about 80 customers had generated a credit card on Day 1.

“The use of the card for instant transactions will, however, be allowed only from Wednesday,” said N Kamakodi, Chief Executive and Managing Director of CUB.

All that a customer has to do is log on to his/her net banking account and seek a credit card. Only, the customer must have a fixed deposit with the bank. “We will mark a lien on the FD. The customer will be allowed a credit limit of up to 80 per cent of the deposit or a maximum of ₹3 lakh,” he said.

On capturing the PDF image of the card, the customer can go online shopping instantly.

“The image will reflect the card number, card-holder’s name and expiry date. The physical delivery of the card will take a day or two… In the meantime, the card-holder can use it for online purchases.

CUB has tied-up with MasterCard for the instant credit card.