Budgeting for Success

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Pierce City – A southwest Missouri library system has positive news to report as they begin putting together their budget for next year.

The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library system is made up of ten branches in the two counties, and operates on a budget of roughly $1.6 million. In years past, the board has had to make tough decisions, like cutting services due to reduced funding. This year, they are estimating a slight increase in funding, thanks to higher assessed property values in the two counties. Library executives say they will still have be frugal, but it is all worth it when they see the impact the library can have.

“When we go out and see the kids in the programs, and they’re having a good time, and the presenters are lighting up or sparking some imagination that they have, yeah, I think it’s all worth it, definitely,” says Barry-Lawrence Regional Library director Gina Milburn.

The board did give approval to a slight pay increase for employees Thursday, along with approving a new IT management firm.