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Choosing the accountant on the basis of a plurality of screened and considered elements and not only because of the agri is the neighbor or a friend: a really capable and prepared accountant can make the difference for his business. It should be chosen as if it were a collaborator on whom we place the utmost confidence.

More Than One

Meet more than one accountant before deciding on the definitive one: when you meet a professional, make a preliminary and analytical description of your activity and check the degree of attention and if the professional has already gained experience in your field and especially if your sector interest. Basically it must be understood if the accountant can create an advantageous synergy for the activity one wants to undertake (or that one has already undertaken). The support of a Tax Lawyer is right there.

Check the familiarity with the Internet

An accountant who has personal familiarity with the usability of Internet services and with new communication and data storage technologies is certainly in step with the times.

Check the location of the studio: the trusted accountant should work in the area because he can follow the client more easily in the practices at public offices. If you need to go to the INPS or the Inland Revenue to which the client refers, a studio that works remotely will inevitably have to rely on a colleague from the area. In that case the additional costs will make the starting savings useless. Moreover, some topics are preferable to treat them in person. There are things that an accountant will never tell by phone or email.

Check the ability to send information:

A good accountant must have the ability to explain himself in simple words. A professional able to give practical examples certainly has a greater capacity for dialogue. At the end of the visit, when leaving the study, all the contents of the conversation just ended must be clear and there should be no “obscure points”. Communicative clarity is fundamental.

To ascertain the competence and knowledge of the sector before choosing the accountant it is also highly advisable to turn to friends or acquaintances whomay have had similar experiences in this regard. Keep in mind that every professional can have experience in a specific field, in a specific field. Finding the one with the most practical experience in a specific sector could be an extra gear to the business.

Check if the accountant promptly informs by carrying out a periodic and constant consultation: the accountant should not be present only to communicate the amount of fees to be paid. His presence must be constant throughout the duration of the relationship. The accountant to choose is a person capable of keeping the client’s accounts under control and alerting them when, for example, they have to postpone the issue of an invoice.