The best credit cards with annual fees under $100 of November 2019

When applying for a new card, it’s really important to take the annual fee into consideration. While you usually get a lot of perks and can earn more rewards when you pay a big fee that extra cost doesn’t always provide the best value for everyone.

A May 2019 survey from Discover found that 66% of consumers said a credit card’s annual fee factors into their selection of it and most people who pay an annual fee reported paying between $51 and $100. And 54% of consumers actively considering switching credit cards stated the number one reason was to avoid paying an annual fee.

Credit cards with annual fees under $100 can still offer competitive rewards, special financing and money-saving perks without the steep costs (upwards of $550) that with a premium card.

Of course, if you don’t want to pay anything to have a credit card, there are plenty of good options that have no annual fee.