Benefits of Increasing Automation of Legal Paperwork

Whether your company is a law firm or a company with a large legal department, manual paperwork is is time consuming, and therefore, it is expensive. Manual paperwork consists of handling documents an unnecessarily longer amount of time than they need to be handled. The following are just a few ways a workflow automation tool can help your legal document system.

It eliminates wasted labor associated with paper documents
It has been observed that as much as a fifth of a worker’s time is wasted with manual paperwork by misplacing one or more documents, and then looking for them. This, combined with filing of paperwork and finding the right form that needs to be used, also contributes to wasted time. All of this can be eliminated with the right software.

It is easier to standardize around one form
Workflow automation software will allow your company to create customized forms, so you are working with fewer forms. Although some of this customization can be done manually, it is much easier to create a form with the software. In this way, if the need arises, you can simply make a quick change and then issue a new revision number for the form that is to be used in the future.

It is possible to create online forms
Perhaps you are a large electronic systems manufacturer and you have a need for custom made components for a new system. This means generating paperwork for non-disclosure agreements that need to be signed by your vendor, both with the company’s chief executive and any engineers involved. It is possible to have a standard form that can be filled out and signed electronically online. This helps reduce the time it takes to send a manual form to your vendor and have them return it. This is only one example of a legal document that can reduce overhead for your legal department.

It can help your company internally
Again, if you have a large company, you are likely to have a large legal department. This type of software can help connect everyone in your company to the legal department. Continuing with the example of an electronics firm, you will be able to connect the engineering department to the legal department for all issues regarding product development. Purchasing will also need certain forms for contract agreements. The same is true with the sales department. There will likely be a need for contracts and forms involving independent sales representatives.

There are many types of software that fall under the category of workflow automation for documents. In addition, there are many companies that offer more than one solution. Mitratech is an example of one company that has several solutions for manual paperwork.