Allan Gray offers free series on investing basics – Money Perception

Investing is essential in attaining financial freedom. But, with more than 1 350 unit trusts to choose from, many first-time investors may feel confused and, as a result, either delay starting their investment journey or make the wrong choices.

With this in mind, unit trust management company Allan Gray has produced a series of articles that can be emailed to you – Allan Gray Investing 101 – to help you understand the basics before making important investment decisions.

Thandi Ngwane, the head of strategic markets at Allan Gray, says that, according to Allan Gray’s research, many people start the process of investing only to give up because they feel overwhelmed about which unit trusts to select. Meanwhile, a third of investors make part or full withdrawals within two years of opening what are meant to be long-term investments.

“While there are many instances where clients need unexpectedly to access their investments, our research shows that many investors are unable appropriately to match their unit trust with their investment objective and time horizon,” Ngwane says.

“The Allan Gray Investing 101 series explains the basics of investing to give first-time investors the confidence to get started and remain committed. It will help them make clear decisions and equip them to ask the right questions of their independent financial advisers,” she says.

The free eight-part series will help you to understand why to invest, how to overcome the barriers and save money, when to start, what investment products to invest in, where to invest, how to make money from investing, and the role of financial advice in achieving investment success.

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