A Clean Warehouse Increases Profits and Safety – Money Perception

If you want to boost business profits and safety for employees, start by cleaning up your warehouse space. Cleaner facilities are more productive, more organized, and safer for workers. Maintaining a clean warehouse with industrial cleaning Minneapolis is well worth the time and investment for your business.

Clean facilities enforce workplace organization and help to prevent workplace injuries. In a busy warehouse, overflowing trash bins, unorganized pallets and shelving, dirty floors, and ill-maintained equipment can result in serious accidents and injuries. A forklift that leaks oil or chemical spills on the floor can put your workers in the hospital with serious slip and fall injuries. When you’re running a warehouse facility, a clean workspace will keep your employees motivated and lead to increased production, fewer errors, and reduced workers’ compensation claims. Keeping a clean, well-organized warehouse will take effort and commitment, but these tips will make your efforts a little easier.

Establish Regular Cleaning Guidelines

When you establish regular cleaning guidelines, it’s much easier to keep a facility clean. You can assign cleaning tasks to your workers on a daily, weekly, or monthly rotation basis. Establish a daily routine for sweeping floors and emptying trash, a weekly routine for cleaning pallets and shelving, and a monthly routine for checking equipment safety. If you have a machine that creates excessive shavings, or packing stations that create a lot of trash, make sure everything is clean before your work day ends.

Assign Cleaning Zones

If you’re running a distribution operation with different shifts, make sure the workspace is clean for each shift. Don’t let day shift workers leave a mess for night shift workers. You can assign cleaning zones to make sure that doesn’t happen. For example, a picker might be assigned cleaning tasks around a shelving area or conveyor line. When assigning cleaning zones to workers, keep tasks simple so workers don’t feel over-burdened after a long work day.

Make Supplies Accessible

If you’re asking your employees to keep your warehouse facility neat and clean, make cleaning supplies easily accessible to them. Store cleaning supplies in a convenient area or closet, so workers don’t have to look all over the warehouse to find a broom or paper towels. Keep trash cans near work areas to encourage workers to throw things away frequently. If you’re asking workers to clean up spills or wipe down equipment, make sure they have proper materials.