7 On Your Side: Credit card mishap leads to missing money for family of florists – Money Perception

It was the family florist’s Super Bowl, Mother’s Day, but when nearly five figures worth of sales disappeared, the 20-year-old business wilted.

That was when they cut a path to 7 On Your Side.

“I became alarmed and angry at the same time,” said Marlene Lamey, Blossomtime Florist.

Lamey, the matriarch of the family florist was in a panic. The day’s credit card receipts from last Mother’s Day were gone.

“Because Mother’s Day is the number one selling day,” Lamey said.

Their surveillance camera captured their harried holiday.

“The store is packed, the line is out the door,” Lamey said.

But at the peak of purchases, their credit card machine froze.

“I called tech support,” Lamey said.

The problem was solved, but the next day, when the credit card processor should’ve deposited their Mother’s Day money, they had nothing.

“Not a nickel, not anything. Thousands of dollars that we use to pay suppliers, growers, employees, it’s a lot of money,” said Diana Moses, florist.

Lamey gathered all the proof of the purchases and sent copies of the day’s credit card receipts to their credit card processor.

“It probably took 15 hours of work on our part,” Moses said.

But still, nearly two weeks later, there was still nothing.

“We gave them everything they asked for, nothing. Now I’m nervous,” Lamey said.

So 7 On Your Side went to the root of the problem by calling their credit card processor.

They told 7 On Your Side that they were investigating, but just a day after we charged the processor, their five figure frustration was turned into big buck elation.

“You were able to achieve what we could not achieve,” Lamey said.

The credit card processor told 7 On Your Side the problem was the florist’s fault, caused by a faulty internet connection, but the florist said they connected to the credit card processor through their phone line.

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